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Embark on an adventure in which your choices will save (or not!) the people of Ambar of a terrible disease that’s killing everyone. Create your own character, get ready to read and choose the right path, carefully deciding where to go and what to do every step of the way.Your journey will start on the Island of Ambar, a peaceful place devoted to worshipping the Great Goddess, run by Druids and attacked by a strange, incurable and lethal disease. The Goddess has chosen you to you undertake a misión that will take you to discover the origin of the disease and, hopefully, return to your home with the cure. But your travels will not be easy and you’ll find enemies, conspiracies, riddles and mysteries that will make it difficult to make it alive.Enter a gamebook in the style of the classics of Choose Your Own Adventure and let your imagination fly. Don’t dive up to despair, though, because in your hands lays Ambar’s Fate.FEATURES• Create your own character or play a predefined one.• You choose your own path.• According to the skills or talents you choose, different options will be available to you.• Fight and kill monsters and enemies, or avoid them using your skills.• Choose the most appropriate strategy for each fight.• Enjoy the original soundtrack.• Discover high-quality, full color illustrations specially created for the App.• Play for hours ... and when you’re finished, start again to find a different ending.• Find items, weapons and potions to help you on your mission.• Sell what you no longer need and purchase items that will give you the necessary push to succeed.• Experience an original story, specially created for this format.• Immerse yourself in a world of Celtic atmosphere with amazing legends and mysteries to discover.• Meet many characters who will make your journey easier ... or harder.ECNARIS GAMESEcnaris Games is a small company that is taking its first steps in the world of creating games. This is our first project: Ambar’s Fate, an application available for iPhone and iPad.Ecnaris is formed by a group of friends that bring our different expertise in the fields of the writing, programming, design, illustration and especially creativity, to pursue ideas and projects that we are passionate about. The most important thing for us is having fun and making you have fun. Ambar’s Fate is the gamebook we'd like to play and we want to share it with you all.FIND US ONhttp://ecnaris.comhttp://facebook.ecnaris.com you have any doubt or suggestion? Please let us know. Contact us at [email protected]
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